I’m new here

Hey there.

My name is Thomas Chalifoux, I have been painting and playing Warhammer 40,000 for about 10 years now and I love everything about the hobby.  I have also dabbled in Fantasy as well. But I’m much more a Sci-Fi buff than a Fantasy one. Plus the Fluff behind 40K is incredible.

I actually just got my gaming group back together after years of inactivity. But, I  have always painted and modeled even in the absence of gaming. I enjoy playing 40K, but painting and modeling is my true love. So that brings me to this.

This is the beginning of something I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing .  I will have reviews of new models  I acquire ( most likely very biased reviews at that), work in progress shots of various projects, and of course finished models. I currently play Chaos Space marines, Eldar and  I have just bought about 1500 points of Grey Knights as well. And I also buy models from various other armies solely because I like the miniature, so look forward to a lot of 40k (and some fantasy) goodness coming soon!

Thanks viewing public!