Chaos Marine Tutorial

Well Folks, here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for! Well, maybe some of you… But anyway, I made a video tutorial on how I paint my Death Guard Marines. I hope you like it. Feel free to comment or give constructive criticism… emphasis on “CONSTRUCTIVE”!


Sorcerer Of Chaos

For this Character I did a little “Kit Bashing” as people say. I had this old Chaos Terminator Lord hanging around that was equipped with a power fist and a Plasma Cannon. Now you can no longer equip your terminator Lord with a Plasma cannon… And, I had already chopped up the power sword arm that originally came with the model to use on a different Lord. So I put a little thought into it yesterday, and said, “Thomas, you should make a Terminator Sorcerer!” and so here we are! I replaced the power fist with a Combi-Melta, and replaced the Plasma cannon with a combination of the arm from a space marine terminator and a force halberd from the grey knight terminator box. And Added some suitably Chaos themed bits. As the guys on 40K radio would say, Add Skulls, spikes or a top knot and you’ve got Chaos! Or anything evil for that matter.  And well, I got 2 out of the three.  Here’s a few work in progress shots for your viewing pleasure.

Space Elves!…I mean…Eldar!

So, In celebration of my new Blog name(see above), I have a very fitting post today. Here are a wonderful assortment of pictures of my Eldar army. Everything from the lowly Guardians, to the mighty Wraithlord. And my prize possession (A gift from my wonderful parents) my Phoenix.

And here’s another Picture of what I aspire to have one day…Oh and If any of you kind viewers want to buy me one, Its only $719.51 plus tax. I think that is a perfectly reasonable gift for someone who gives you minutes, and minutes of entertainment almost every day. 

Well, at least pretend you’re gonna think about it.

Finecast is cool

Hey there! So got the chance to put together the Flamers this morning and even made a little video for ya. I’m going to plan on doing many more in the future so I hope you like it. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at anything like this so If its a little out of focus or off screen at times, please bear with me and chock it up to inexperience in working with video. So without further adieu the Finecast Flamers of Tzeentch.

Chaos Progress

Hey There! I wanted to throw in a quick post about what I’ve been doing with my Death Guard Army as of late. I’ve really been enjoying playing this army lately, even though I can’t say I’ve actually been winning, But I’m having fun so I don’t mind. I really like the look of the color scheme of my Death Guard, very muted tones earthy if you will… As you saw with my predator, the whole army has that sort of feel to it.

I love the uniqueness you can have with a Chaos army, yes their Codex needs a refresher like its nobodies buisiness, but I love the models. Just in the basic Chaos Space Marines box set, you get a myriad of parts and pieces to customize your traitor marines. And I’ve found that if you mix that box with the possessed marines box you really get an army that is truly tainted by the warp. I mean who actually uses possessed marines anyway?? Might as well use the awesome parts to make your models that are actually good in the game look as such!  Sorry to all you fans of the possessed, but I have had horrible luck with them. Anyway, I still have quite a bit of work to do on this army, I think I’ve painted about half of my marines, still have about 25 to go. Its a lot of chaos marines.

I just ordered 3 Obliterators and a box of the new “Finecast” Raptors, which I am extremely excited about. I hope they come before saturday so I can use them in our games that night. A note on the Finecast Raptors, I’m a little worried because the new box picture shows a raptor with a plasma gun instead of a meltagun, I need the meltagun and they no longer sell individual models of the raptors as far as I can tell. So I’m hoping they were kind enough to include multiple weapon options in the kit. If anyone knows and can ease my worries on that please don’t keep it to yourself.

“Finecast” I should be posting in the next couple of days a step by step on how the Finecast minis go together, as a friend of mine has given me his new Finecast Flamers to assemble. I’m really looking forward to it.

Grey Knights

So I wanted to respond to the lone comment to my blog, made by my cousin Mike. My current list of Grey knights isn’t so much a list I would run, but more so a list of what I own. The one thing I would like to buy for it is either a Land raider of some variety or a Stormraven Gunship. I haven’t decided what one I want for the army. But right now my list consists of the following.

Also Here are two shots of the only 2 finished models in the army.

Lord Kaldor Draigo

275 pts

Brother Captain 


3 servo skulls

rad grenades

Total: 185 pts

5x Paladins


Psybolt ammo

Total: 370 pts

5x Terminators


Psybolt ammo

Total: 245 pts

5x Strike squad


1 halberd

1 warding staff

Total: 140 pts

Vindicare Assasin

145 pts


H Incinerator

H Psycannon


Total 225 pts

Grand Total: 1585

And I figure if I add a tricked out Stormraven it makes it to a very interesting 1850 list. I don’t think it would be very competitive. But oh well lol. I apologize for the quality of photos, I will take more professional shots when I complete more of the army.

Nurgle Predator Finale

Well folks! It’s finally done. Unfortunately 2 days after the deadline for winning gold in the Freeboota Motivational Challenge. But hey, Silver is ok… Hope you like it!

Oh and an added extra. The new Predator along side my other Nurgle Themed Vehicles!