Nurgle Predator

Well its that time of the month again. Time to start my Freebootaz Monthly Painting Challenge. This month is supposed to be a heavy support choice. So I’ve decided to repaint my Chaos Predator. I have been repainting my Whole Chaos army in a Nurgle/Death Guard scheme. It was painted Black Legion, but it was painted quite along time ago, and I was not nearly as skilled in painting then. So I’m attempting to give this army a new lease on life and bring it up to par with my more recent works. It’s Just Primered so far, so it certainly has a long way to go lol. As you may be able to see, I have also embellished this model with a little green stuff love. I have given the tank boils and growths to make it look more “corrupted” or “Chaotic” and much more “Nurgley”. I think it will give it a very nice look when it is completed. I have to complete it in 2 weeks to get Gold in the challenge. So I better get going on it!


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