Nurgle Predator Part 2

Mornin. Well Just got out of work and decided to take the time to work on my predator. In this first picture you can see the first basecoat of “Orkhide Shade”. I covered the whole model in that first coat, with the exception of what is going to be black or silver or gold, or any sort of metallic color for that matter.

I then dry brushed the whole model with “Knarloc Green”, followed by “Rotting Flesh”.Extra rotting flesh was applied to areas with boils and growths, to make them “pop” more. After that I painted the boils, and skulls with “Dheneb Stone”, followed by a wash of “Ogryn Flesh”.

Then I washed the whole model in Ogryn Flesh to give it a very earthy and dirty feel. Lets face it, Nurgle is the God of Death and decay. His followers should look as such. I think its looking adequately disgusting so far. I still have quite a bit to go on this but I think the progress is coming along quite nicely.


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