Nurgle Predator Part 3

So I got a chance to work on my predator again today. Probably should have worked on it more yesterday, but Sleep got the best of me. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But anyway, I had a change of heart while working on this. I decided to highlight the boils with “Bleached Bone”, and then follow that up with a wash of “Baal Red”.

I wanted to give it a look that was even more diseased, and gross.

So I then Started working on the metal parts of the model. I used “Boltgun Metal” as a basecoat for these areas. That was followed by a wash of “Badab Black”, and then a wash of “Devlan Mud”. This way The spikes and Tracks look rusted and old. As a Nurgle model should.

I also Worked on the Skulls by highlighting them with bleached bone and rewashing them with Ogryn Flesh. I think this added a much more bone color to them. I was also able to work a bit on the gold aspects of the tank. Those parts were base coated “Tin Bitz” and then followed by “Dwarf Bronze”. I then washed that with Devlan Mud. That darkened up the highlights of dwarf bronze. The whole idea I have behind this technique is to give the model a very old and rotted and rusted look. And I think I’m accomplishing that. So with that iI leave you with a full model shot of this work in progress.


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