Chaos Progress

Hey There! I wanted to throw in a quick post about what I’ve been doing with my Death Guard Army as of late. I’ve really been enjoying playing this army lately, even though I can’t say I’ve actually been winning, But I’m having fun so I don’t mind. I really like the look of the color scheme of my Death Guard, very muted tones earthy if you will… As you saw with my predator, the whole army has that sort of feel to it.

I love the uniqueness you can have with a Chaos army, yes their Codex needs a refresher like its nobodies buisiness, but I love the models. Just in the basic Chaos Space Marines box set, you get a myriad of parts and pieces to customize your traitor marines. And I’ve found that if you mix that box with the possessed marines box you really get an army that is truly tainted by the warp. I mean who actually uses possessed marines anyway?? Might as well use the awesome parts to make your models that are actually good in the game look as such!  Sorry to all you fans of the possessed, but I have had horrible luck with them. Anyway, I still have quite a bit of work to do on this army, I think I’ve painted about half of my marines, still have about 25 to go. Its a lot of chaos marines.

I just ordered 3 Obliterators and a box of the new “Finecast” Raptors, which I am extremely excited about. I hope they come before saturday so I can use them in our games that night. A note on the Finecast Raptors, I’m a little worried because the new box picture shows a raptor with a plasma gun instead of a meltagun, I need the meltagun and they no longer sell individual models of the raptors as far as I can tell. So I’m hoping they were kind enough to include multiple weapon options in the kit. If anyone knows and can ease my worries on that please don’t keep it to yourself.

“Finecast” I should be posting in the next couple of days a step by step on how the Finecast minis go together, as a friend of mine has given me his new Finecast Flamers to assemble. I’m really looking forward to it.


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