Grey Knights

So I wanted to respond to the lone comment to my blog, made by my cousin Mike. My current list of Grey knights isn’t so much a list I would run, but more so a list of what I own. The one thing I would like to buy for it is either a Land raider of some variety or a Stormraven Gunship. I haven’t decided what one I want for the army. But right now my list consists of the following.

Also Here are two shots of the only 2 finished models in the army.

Lord Kaldor Draigo

275 pts

Brother Captain 


3 servo skulls

rad grenades

Total: 185 pts

5x Paladins


Psybolt ammo

Total: 370 pts

5x Terminators


Psybolt ammo

Total: 245 pts

5x Strike squad


1 halberd

1 warding staff

Total: 140 pts

Vindicare Assasin

145 pts


H Incinerator

H Psycannon


Total 225 pts

Grand Total: 1585

And I figure if I add a tricked out Stormraven it makes it to a very interesting 1850 list. I don’t think it would be very competitive. But oh well lol. I apologize for the quality of photos, I will take more professional shots when I complete more of the army.


3 responses to “Grey Knights

  1. Thanks. Did you purchase all the models at once? If so, what did that cost? I am planning on doing a mass production on a GK army in August, roughly 1500-2000 pts. Maybe we can play on Labor Day. Keep posting more pics.

  2. Well I bought the strike squad, paladins, terminators and dreadknight all at once and it was roughly $165. Draigo was a separate purchase and the Vindicare I already owned. I can email you the Link of the website I used to buy most of it. And I am totally down for a game on Labor day.

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