Sorcerer Of Chaos

For this Character I did a little “Kit Bashing” as people say. I had this old Chaos Terminator Lord hanging around that was equipped with a power fist and a Plasma Cannon. Now you can no longer equip your terminator Lord with a Plasma cannon… And, I had already chopped up the power sword arm that originally came with the model to use on a different Lord. So I put a little thought into it yesterday, and said, “Thomas, you should make a Terminator Sorcerer!” and so here we are! I replaced the power fist with a Combi-Melta, and replaced the Plasma cannon with a combination of the arm from a space marine terminator and a force halberd from the grey knight terminator box. And Added some suitably Chaos themed bits. As the guys on 40K radio would say, Add Skulls, spikes or a top knot and you’ve got Chaos! Or anything evil for that matter.  And well, I got 2 out of the three.  Here’s a few work in progress shots for your viewing pleasure.


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