The Paladins Are here! And Painted too.

So I was going to post work in progress shots of these guys, but I was flying through them so fast and as I was getting more and more done, I thought it would be better if I just posted them as completed models. I think I made the right choice. I’m still loving the paint scheme that I decided to go with on this army. Its very simple and to the point. And it makes what would be daunting models to complete, quite enjoyable and quick to get through, although I’m pretty sure I said that before, oh well. The Brotherhood banner took quite a long time to complete. About 4 1/2 hours. I would say that that was probably the most challenging part of this whole project, as I don’t paint many standards. Not that it was like all done freehand, because I’m horrible at freehand, GW is nice enough to actually model in the details on the Standards now. Thank you Games Workshop. Tactically, I’m planning on putting these guys in a Stormraven with Kaldor Draigo, and rushing them up into my opponents face and getting them stuck in to combat. Because the squad costs so many points I really can’t see them foot slogging. A land raider would do the job too, but the Stormraven will get them there faster, and I also plan on giving the Stormraven a teleport homer so I can deepstrike reinforcements in more accurately strait to the front lines of combat. Again, thats the plan I’ll probbaly roll so horribly that they will die in turn 1. But lets hope that doesn’t happen.


Dreadknight Envy

Just something I stumbled across this morning while perusing the Games Workshop site…

Simply Amazing… GW should Hire this guy as a model designer.

“Javier González won the Warhammer 40,000 Large Model category with this Nemesis Dreadknight conversion. What we really loved about the model were all the subtle little changes that Javier has made to the kit. Not only has he crafted a huge Gatling Psilencer (okay, so that part of the conversion isn’t very subtle), but he’s mimicked the pose of the walker with the pose of the pilot and repositioned the legs to make the Dreadknight appear to be striding forwards into battle.”  – Games Workshop

True Talent … ‘Nuff Said.

Strike Squad Go!

So, I Finished my Grey Knight Strike Squad today. I absolutely love how these guys came out. I’m so glad I went with an alternate color scheme. Not only is this much easier to paint than silver, but its much more enjoyable to do as well. And in my opinion I think it looks btter than the silver, but that’s just me. To each his own I always say. On a gaming standpoint, I think these guys are a little underrated, Give ’em Psybolt ammo and you have 8 S5 shots plus 2 S7 shots per turn with them advancing. Then once you get them in combat one guy will have I6 with his halberd while the Knight with the stave will be nigh impossible to kill with a 2+ Invulnerable save.  All that for 160 points is a steal to me… But then again I do always lose, so my advice is probably not all that good. Let me know what you think!

Another Game Played, Another Game Lost…


Well my friend Bill and I had a good 2500 pt game today, this time at my house. I played my Var-Thu Eldar and he played his Flesh Tearers. As I’m sure you can tell from the subject of this post, it did not go to well for me.  Now, this has been a common occurrence in my games, pretty much since I started playing 10 years ago.

Turn 1

It was a well known fact when we used to play at our old gaming stomping grounds, Dj’s comics, on Friday nights when we were in high school. When people at the store were having a bad night, my friends would say to them, “Just go play Tom, it’s a definite win”. And they would, and I’d lose. I think I could count on one hand how many times I have won. In 10 years, that’s pretty sad. lol…

Turn 2

But, one important thing is, that I love the game no less because of it. Losing will never affect my love of the hobby and game. But I will say it would be nice to win sometimes. I think my tactics were sound in this fight, but as usual is is my rolling that thwarts my plans for destruction. There were times when I had a sure kill, countless times, and rolled 1’s and 2’s.

Turn 3

The only thing that went sort of to plan was my banshees slaughtering Bills death company, and leaving Lemartes alone. Although he killed the Banshee Exarch the next turn.

Turn 4

All in all, I had fun as I usually do, I think I would have had more fun if I didn’t roll so horribly, but what can you do?… Nothing, thats what.  A note on the Pictures of the game, you will notice the trend of more and more Eldar models vanishing from the table as each turn goes on.

Turn 5

Procrastination: To defer action; delay

So, I finally finished the bikes that I was working on for my Freeboota Challenge. I really lost steam when I got to the last Bike. I really had no desire to paint one more Chaos model… I know that’s really lazy of me, but eh, oh well. I’ve really been wanting to paint my Grey Knights lately.

Anyway, back to the bikes. I’ll try to post a better Picture of them tomorrow, but I’m not doing it right now because I really don’t feel like getting out my photo booth lol. I’ll blame it on the heat. Besides that, I am pretty happy with how they came out.  I especially like the Aspiring Champion with the Mutated arm/Chainsword. I used the same technique I have been using with all my death guard models. It’s simple fast and looks good.

So needless to say I’m happy I can say they are done. You probably wont see much Chaos progress in the near future, I’m a little burnt out of painting the same thing over and over…For now. I will revisit them at some point. So look forward to lots of Grey Knights and Eldar coming soon.

40K Saturday Shenanigans!

The Setting:

Planet: Prygon IV

Description: Complete Tyranid Infestation

Mission: Capture And Control

Early Morning on Prygon IV, The Eldar of Craftworld Var-Thu, besiege an old Imperial Outpost that holds an ancient Eldar artifact that could switch the tides of war in the Eldar’s favor. The Planet is completely infested By the Tyranids of an unknown Hive Fleet. The Eldar must Capture the sacred artifact and call in their reinforcements and cleanse the area of the vile Tyranids! What The Eldar don’t know, and their seers failed to predict, was there is an unknown enemy that seeks to disrupt this most precious of missions!

So, Another 40K Saturday come and gone. And we had a very interesting game.

Me (Eldar) 2000 pts

Ken (Dark Eldar) 800 pts

Dave (Tyranids) 1200 pts

Special rules: Tyranids Get +2 to their run move.

Game Length: 5 turns (4-5-6) game goes on

Objectives: 2(1 point), 1 (2points), Must have 2 points, at the end of turn 5

The rules were: The Tyranids (Dave) set up in the center of the board, 12″ away from the long table edge and 18″ away from the short table edge. The Eldar (Me) set up randomly, on each of the table corners. A roll of  “1” Dave’s choice, “2-3-4-5”, is the four different table quarters, and 6 was my choice. The Dark Eldar will come on turn 2 at the atart of the turn. They will come in from the center of the board. On a roll of “1” my choice, “2-3” left side, “4-5” right side, “6” Kens Choice.

So as you can see not a normal mission by any means. This Game was great fun. There were epic standoffs, units utterly massacred, and an Eldrad who ran off the board.  There’s just some units who should be fearless…

When the Phoenix came on in turn 2 I really thought I was going to win, The first turn it was out it killed the Trygon, and the second it wiped Kens Warriors. Kens Dark Eldar Did exactly what they were supposed to do, and that was disrupt my plans. He assaulted critical units and gave Dave the chance to counter attack.

On the Fifth turn I was able to fly my wave serpent with the scorpions in it flat out to the 2 point objective, but because Dave rolled a 5 to have the game go one more turn, his Tyrant and Termigants and Carnifex, annihilated the serpent and the scorpions inside it!

So ultimately, with the loss of every last infantry unit in my army, there was no way to capture the critical objective.

I lost, But It was a fun and very close game.

And along with me losing, here is another common occurance at out 40K games… Ken giving me the finger…

The best man’s Stuff

So, I do many favors for my 40k friends.( Most of which were friends before I was into 40k.) I Have done many things from painting special characters for them, to putting together whole 3000 blood angels armys. I do this not only because I like helping my buds, but I love getting the chance to come in contact with any of the new hotness that I would normally not be able to.

So I worked on a basic but awesome model if i do say so myself, the other day for my best man, Who Is also my cousin and best friend (BTW I’m getting married in 2 months). It was the Dark Eldar Raider, And I have to say this thing Is awesome. Super detailed and intricate. Scary to think about painting it, but that’s all him. lol. The model went together very nicely very little fuss, the only issues I had was getting stabbed by all the spikey bitz on the model. (power from pain indeed). Another model I assembled for him was a more obscure one. Ive never seen one before and its not all that common because there are very few Ravenwing players out there. The model I am referring to is, The master of the Ravenwing, in a landspeeder. The model is actually a combination of a regular old landspeeder kit, and the Ravenwing upgrade kit sold by GW.

I really like this model. The bits that are included with the upgrade kit are awesome, they really make the model stand out as  “I’m badass with my A14 landspeeder and TL Ass cannon and H Bolter” I can see Samael saying that as he zooms around the battlefield impervious to harm and F’n shit up with all his Firepower. What? Cant you??? Anyway, I hope he Likes how they came out as much as I liked building them.