July Freeboota Challenge Begins!

So I got quite a bit of time to work on my Freeboota challenge for July today. This month we are supposed to complete a fast attack choice. So Because I unfortunately am still awaiting my Finecast Raptors, (That are out of stock from GW) I had to choose My Chaos Bikers. Now it’s not like I don’t like these guys, but I really wanted the Raptors… Oh well, can’t always get what ya want.

So to the painting. I’m doing these just like I have done the rest of the army, dark gross and green. I’ve been thinking of getting more of these guys and running them in a larger unit. I think it can be a great distraction unit and it has some good tank popping skills if I give one or two a melta gun. Also If I give them the mark of Nurgle they are T 6 which is pretty tough to kill.


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