The best man’s Stuff

So, I do many favors for my 40k friends.( Most of which were friends before I was into 40k.) I Have done many things from painting special characters for them, to putting together whole 3000 blood angels armys. I do this not only because I like helping my buds, but I love getting the chance to come in contact with any of the new hotness that I would normally not be able to.

So I worked on a basic but awesome model if i do say so myself, the other day for my best man, Who Is also my cousin and best friend (BTW I’m getting married in 2 months). It was the Dark Eldar Raider, And I have to say this thing Is awesome. Super detailed and intricate. Scary to think about painting it, but that’s all him. lol. The model went together very nicely very little fuss, the only issues I had was getting stabbed by all the spikey bitz on the model. (power from pain indeed). Another model I assembled for him was a more obscure one. Ive never seen one before and its not all that common because there are very few Ravenwing players out there. The model I am referring to is, The master of the Ravenwing, in a landspeeder. The model is actually a combination of a regular old landspeeder kit, and the Ravenwing upgrade kit sold by GW.

I really like this model. The bits that are included with the upgrade kit are awesome, they really make the model stand out as  “I’m badass with my A14 landspeeder and TL Ass cannon and H Bolter” I can see Samael saying that as he zooms around the battlefield impervious to harm and F’n shit up with all his Firepower. What? Cant you??? Anyway, I hope he Likes how they came out as much as I liked building them.


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