40K Saturday Shenanigans!

The Setting:

Planet: Prygon IV

Description: Complete Tyranid Infestation

Mission: Capture And Control

Early Morning on Prygon IV, The Eldar of Craftworld Var-Thu, besiege an old Imperial Outpost that holds an ancient Eldar artifact that could switch the tides of war in the Eldar’s favor. The Planet is completely infested By the Tyranids of an unknown Hive Fleet. The Eldar must Capture the sacred artifact and call in their reinforcements and cleanse the area of the vile Tyranids! What The Eldar don’t know, and their seers failed to predict, was there is an unknown enemy that seeks to disrupt this most precious of missions!

So, Another 40K Saturday come and gone. And we had a very interesting game.

Me (Eldar) 2000 pts

Ken (Dark Eldar) 800 pts

Dave (Tyranids) 1200 pts

Special rules: Tyranids Get +2 to their run move.

Game Length: 5 turns (4-5-6) game goes on

Objectives: 2(1 point), 1 (2points), Must have 2 points, at the end of turn 5

The rules were: The Tyranids (Dave) set up in the center of the board, 12″ away from the long table edge and 18″ away from the short table edge. The Eldar (Me) set up randomly, on each of the table corners. A roll of  “1” Dave’s choice, “2-3-4-5”, is the four different table quarters, and 6 was my choice. The Dark Eldar will come on turn 2 at the atart of the turn. They will come in from the center of the board. On a roll of “1” my choice, “2-3” left side, “4-5” right side, “6” Kens Choice.

So as you can see not a normal mission by any means. This Game was great fun. There were epic standoffs, units utterly massacred, and an Eldrad who ran off the board.  There’s just some units who should be fearless…

When the Phoenix came on in turn 2 I really thought I was going to win, The first turn it was out it killed the Trygon, and the second it wiped Kens Warriors. Kens Dark Eldar Did exactly what they were supposed to do, and that was disrupt my plans. He assaulted critical units and gave Dave the chance to counter attack.

On the Fifth turn I was able to fly my wave serpent with the scorpions in it flat out to the 2 point objective, but because Dave rolled a 5 to have the game go one more turn, his Tyrant and Termigants and Carnifex, annihilated the serpent and the scorpions inside it!

So ultimately, with the loss of every last infantry unit in my army, there was no way to capture the critical objective.

I lost, But It was a fun and very close game.

And along with me losing, here is another common occurance at out 40K games… Ken giving me the finger…


3 responses to “40K Saturday Shenanigans!

    • well considering i have only had this new dark eldar army for a few months and i was busy completing my dark angels army that is why there not painted lol my dark angels look nice though wooooooo

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