Procrastination: To defer action; delay

So, I finally finished the bikes that I was working on for my Freeboota Challenge. I really lost steam when I got to the last Bike. I really had no desire to paint one more Chaos model… I know that’s really lazy of me, but eh, oh well. I’ve really been wanting to paint my Grey Knights lately.

Anyway, back to the bikes. I’ll try to post a better Picture of them tomorrow, but I’m not doing it right now because I really don’t feel like getting out my photo booth lol. I’ll blame it on the heat. Besides that, I am pretty happy with how they came out.  I especially like the Aspiring Champion with the Mutated arm/Chainsword. I used the same technique I have been using with all my death guard models. It’s simple fast and looks good.

So needless to say I’m happy I can say they are done. You probably wont see much Chaos progress in the near future, I’m a little burnt out of painting the same thing over and over…For now. I will revisit them at some point. So look forward to lots of Grey Knights and Eldar coming soon.


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