Another Game Played, Another Game Lost…


Well my friend Bill and I had a good 2500 pt game today, this time at my house. I played my Var-Thu Eldar and he played his Flesh Tearers. As I’m sure you can tell from the subject of this post, it did not go to well for me.  Now, this has been a common occurrence in my games, pretty much since I started playing 10 years ago.

Turn 1

It was a well known fact when we used to play at our old gaming stomping grounds, Dj’s comics, on Friday nights when we were in high school. When people at the store were having a bad night, my friends would say to them, “Just go play Tom, it’s a definite win”. And they would, and I’d lose. I think I could count on one hand how many times I have won. In 10 years, that’s pretty sad. lol…

Turn 2

But, one important thing is, that I love the game no less because of it. Losing will never affect my love of the hobby and game. But I will say it would be nice to win sometimes. I think my tactics were sound in this fight, but as usual is is my rolling that thwarts my plans for destruction. There were times when I had a sure kill, countless times, and rolled 1’s and 2’s.

Turn 3

The only thing that went sort of to plan was my banshees slaughtering Bills death company, and leaving Lemartes alone. Although he killed the Banshee Exarch the next turn.

Turn 4

All in all, I had fun as I usually do, I think I would have had more fun if I didn’t roll so horribly, but what can you do?… Nothing, thats what.  A note on the Pictures of the game, you will notice the trend of more and more Eldar models vanishing from the table as each turn goes on.

Turn 5


3 responses to “Another Game Played, Another Game Lost…

  1. Tom dont be so down on yourself. Its not just your bad roll. It is my great rolls and my newb play style that confuses your expert play style. Some day you will win……. NOT

  2. You may not win… ever, but at east you lose in style with a well painted army and that is something to be proud of. Labor day. Beach house. 2 well painted armies will clash and most likely tie.

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