Strike Squad Go!

So, I Finished my Grey Knight Strike Squad today. I absolutely love how these guys came out. I’m so glad I went with an alternate color scheme. Not only is this much easier to paint than silver, but its much more enjoyable to do as well. And in my opinion I think it looks btter than the silver, but that’s just me. To each his own I always say. On a gaming standpoint, I think these guys are a little underrated, Give ’em Psybolt ammo and you have 8 S5 shots plus 2 S7 shots per turn with them advancing. Then once you get them in combat one guy will have I6 with his halberd while the Knight with the stave will be nigh impossible to kill with a 2+ Invulnerable save.  All that for 160 points is a steal to me… But then again I do always lose, so my advice is probably not all that good. Let me know what you think!


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