The Paladins Are here! And Painted too.

So I was going to post work in progress shots of these guys, but I was flying through them so fast and as I was getting more and more done, I thought it would be better if I just posted them as completed models. I think I made the right choice. I’m still loving the paint scheme that I decided to go with on this army. Its very simple and to the point. And it makes what would be daunting models to complete, quite enjoyable and quick to get through, although I’m pretty sure I said that before, oh well. The Brotherhood banner took quite a long time to complete. About 4 1/2 hours. I would say that that was probably the most challenging part of this whole project, as I don’t paint many standards. Not that it was like all done freehand, because I’m horrible at freehand, GW is nice enough to actually model in the details on the Standards now. Thank you Games Workshop. Tactically, I’m planning on putting these guys in a Stormraven with Kaldor Draigo, and rushing them up into my opponents face and getting them stuck in to combat. Because the squad costs so many points I really can’t see them foot slogging. A land raider would do the job too, but the Stormraven will get them there faster, and I also plan on giving the Stormraven a teleport homer so I can deepstrike reinforcements in more accurately strait to the front lines of combat. Again, thats the plan I’ll probbaly roll so horribly that they will die in turn 1. But lets hope that doesn’t happen.


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