Stormraven: Magnetized

Well, that was a project. And I still have one more to go. I ended up using more magnets than I thought I would need, so I will need to buy more.  It was 16 magnets. 12 in the turret alone because of the 3 different weapon options. And I had used 4 in the Dreadnought, so I will definitely need more. Now besides that, It came out better than I could have imagined.What I did first was drill out the holes in each gun to place the magnets in them.

I also cut the pegs off the turret and replaced them with magnets. In addition I alos added magnets to the armor plates on the guns. This way whatever gun i choose it will still have the armor plate.

For the hurricane bolters, I put magnets on the back side of the doors and glued them in place.  I then cut off the pegs on the Hurricane Bolters and glued a magnet to the back side of both of them.

Then I cut a notch out of the top of each of the hurricane bolters to make room for the top pieces of the doors, so the sponsons would fit flush to the door when placed on.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the way this came out. The only thing I wish I could have (or would have) done was magnetize the nose mounted weapons. But I think the Multimelta was a good choice.


“Rifleman” Dreadnought

So as I said in the previous post, I used the Aegis Defense Line kit to create this guy.  So here’s what I did.

First I Made the hole bigger in the missile launcher arm to accommodate the magnet. and on the Body Side, I cut off the peg that originally went into the hole in the arm.






Next, I glued the magnets in to place, with the help of a small dab of green stuff.






After that, I cut up the Autocannons, (unfortunately I didn’t think to take pictures of that while I was doing it) But I basically, Cut them down to size to fit on the front of the Arm where you would normally put the Missile launcher cap.  Then after the Autocannons were glued in place, I added the Ammo Drums to the Side of the Arm.






Now the other side was not as easy, same basic concept, but the Lascannon arm is not set up as nicely to receive the Autocannons. Now I did the same thing with magnetizing the arm to the body, so that is no different.






What is different is how I had to alter the arm itself. I ended up cutting the lascannons off completely. To create a Flush serface to glue the Autocannons on. And because the make up on each arm is different it made a slight variation in the positioning and length of the guns. But very minimal and you can barely tell. The whole Idea behind this project was, not only to make 2 twinlinked Autocannon arms for my Dreadnought, but to not have to buy them from forge world and spend about the price of a whole dreadnought just to get arms for this one. And this way works very nicely if I do say so myself.







The Final product came out better than I could have ever imagined, I added one of the large Tilt Shields from the DreadKnight kit, to make this guy look more like a Grey Knight, and I added the Targeter from the defense line Kit to the Top of the Dreadnought to give it a little extra Flavor. So tell me what you think, Where a messed up or what I did good.


















Grey Knights: Second Wave!

Hey there again! So yesterday I received my second wave of Grey Knights, It consisted of 2 Stormravens, 2 Razorbacks, 1 Dreadnought, and 2 Grey Knight Squads in Power Armor. Yeah A lot of Stuff! Its like Christmas! I’m planning on putting alot of work into this wave. With them being mostly vehicles, and vehicles with many weapon options at that, I’m going to be magnetizing most to almost all the weapons on my vehicles. I will be posting Pics of my Rifleman Dreadnought that I converted today using the Aegis Defense line Autocannons, in probably a few minutes. I know there are a lot of posts all at once, but I have  a lot of catching up to do.

Bill Starts His 3rd Army…This Time ORKS! WAAAAAAGH!

So he has asked me to Start putting together the beginning of this Army, which consists of a Battlewagon, a Trukk, two 10 man squads of Shoota Boyz, 3 warbikers, 5 Kommandos, and a Stompa! Now keep in mind, I know your thinking, Why the hell Did he buy a Stompa as one of his first models in the Army??? Well that’s because he Bought everything all at once, he has close to 3000 points bought, I have just built what I mentioned above. So here they are all built up.

I’m really excited about seeing this army On the board. There is nothing cooler than seeing 80 Ork Boyz running across the table!

Grey Knight Terminators: Complete

Ok, so I didn’t just finish these… I actually finished them like half a week ago, and even photographed them right after I finished them, but just didn’t get the chance to actually post them up. So, without further adieu…. My completed Grey Knight Terminators.

So I really like how These guys came out. The funny thing is, that I originally liked the Paladin Heads way better than the normal terminator heads, and now that I see them all together and painted up, They almost look meaner with the regular heads. But eh, that’s just me. Hope you like them!

Update: Grey Knights List etc.

So, a while back I posted a general list of what I owned.  Well, now I’m going to post a list of what I own and plan to own, and not only that, but It will be in a cohesive list that may actually work. Well I hope it does, it seems like a fun list to run. Now because I usually play very large games, I made a 2500 pt list. Please click the link Below to open the list.

2500 grey knights

What I will be adding to my current force is 2 Stormravens, 2 Razorbacks, 1 Purgation Squad, and one Dreadnought. Which, unfortunately is pretty damn expensive. But hey ya got to live a little right?  And I probably wont buy it all at once anyway. Also, I’m currently working on my regular terminators. I have 2 finished out of the 5, same paint scheme as the paladins, but not as fancy. And they are also equipped a little differently. I have also been periodically working on my Brother captain, and his servo skulls.If you are wondering  I got the servo skulls from forge world. They certainly are detailed little buggers. Here are some WIP photos of that stuff. Please comment and let me know what you think about the List and/or the painting.

Watch out Greater Daemons!

The Dreadknight is here! Well, and vehicles and other monstrous creatures, and just about anything else should be afraid of this guy. I know it’s alot of points but with the dreadknight you have a monstrous creature who can deep strike, have 2 powerful ranged weapons, a giant force sword that you can re roll hits and wounds with, and a 2+/5+ save! With 4 wounds to boot. Now, I know for a fact that this guy is going to draw alot of attention, but I still think he’s a fun model to use. and if he gets into combat he is just scary! And I know that just about everyone and their brother hate the look of this model, but I rather like it a lot. What do you think?