Watch out Greater Daemons!

The Dreadknight is here! Well, and vehicles and other monstrous creatures, and just about anything else should be afraid of this guy. I know it’s alot of points but with the dreadknight you have a monstrous creature who can deep strike, have 2 powerful ranged weapons, a giant force sword that you can re roll hits and wounds with, and a 2+/5+ save! With 4 wounds to boot. Now, I know for a fact that this guy is going to draw alot of attention, but I still think he’s a fun model to use. and if he gets into combat he is just scary! And I know that just about everyone and their brother hate the look of this model, but I rather like it a lot. What do you think?


4 responses to “Watch out Greater Daemons!

  1. Holy Crap! You are flying through these models. So far I’ve only painted 1 DCA and 1 Terminator. I would be curious to see your final army list as I must only have 8-10 models. So far it looks like what you have painted is close to 1500 points.

    I like that you are capitalizing on what GKs have to offer because I could never have the balls to do that. I would be too scared that my Stormraven carrying more than half my army could go down and take everyone with it.

  2. I’m actually pretty impressed with myself on the amount that I’m getting painted. It’s really not like me. Lol yeah I’m kinda worried about that too, the stormraven the paladins and Draigo is close to 900 pts. I think I’m going to add 2 Rifleman Dreadnoughts to the army as well. they are only 135 pts each, and with 2 thats 8 S8 shots per turn at 48″ with rerolls… pretty nasty…

  3. A little later today I’m going to post a list that I plan on running. Very experimental, But I think it will be fun.

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