Update: Grey Knights List etc.

So, a while back I posted a general list of what I owned.  Well, now I’m going to post a list of what I own and plan to own, and not only that, but It will be in a cohesive list that may actually work. Well I hope it does, it seems like a fun list to run. Now because I usually play very large games, I made a 2500 pt list. Please click the link Below to open the list.

2500 grey knights

What I will be adding to my current force is 2 Stormravens, 2 Razorbacks, 1 Purgation Squad, and one Dreadnought. Which, unfortunately is pretty damn expensive. But hey ya got to live a little right?  And I probably wont buy it all at once anyway. Also, I’m currently working on my regular terminators. I have 2 finished out of the 5, same paint scheme as the paladins, but not as fancy. And they are also equipped a little differently. I have also been periodically working on my Brother captain, and his servo skulls.If you are wondering  I got the servo skulls from forge world. They certainly are detailed little buggers. Here are some WIP photos of that stuff. Please comment and let me know what you think about the List and/or the painting.


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