“Rifleman” Dreadnought

So as I said in the previous post, I used the Aegis Defense Line kit to create this guy.  So here’s what I did.

First I Made the hole bigger in the missile launcher arm to accommodate the magnet. and on the Body Side, I cut off the peg that originally went into the hole in the arm.






Next, I glued the magnets in to place, with the help of a small dab of green stuff.






After that, I cut up the Autocannons, (unfortunately I didn’t think to take pictures of that while I was doing it) But I basically, Cut them down to size to fit on the front of the Arm where you would normally put the Missile launcher cap.  Then after the Autocannons were glued in place, I added the Ammo Drums to the Side of the Arm.






Now the other side was not as easy, same basic concept, but the Lascannon arm is not set up as nicely to receive the Autocannons. Now I did the same thing with magnetizing the arm to the body, so that is no different.






What is different is how I had to alter the arm itself. I ended up cutting the lascannons off completely. To create a Flush serface to glue the Autocannons on. And because the make up on each arm is different it made a slight variation in the positioning and length of the guns. But very minimal and you can barely tell. The whole Idea behind this project was, not only to make 2 twinlinked Autocannon arms for my Dreadnought, but to not have to buy them from forge world and spend about the price of a whole dreadnought just to get arms for this one. And this way works very nicely if I do say so myself.







The Final product came out better than I could have ever imagined, I added one of the large Tilt Shields from the DreadKnight kit, to make this guy look more like a Grey Knight, and I added the Targeter from the defense line Kit to the Top of the Dreadnought to give it a little extra Flavor. So tell me what you think, Where a messed up or what I did good.



















5 responses to ““Rifleman” Dreadnought

  1. You are definitely a “workshop”. How many gretchins you got working there anyway?

    Had the week off and finally making slow progress on my models. Check out the site.

    • Lol yeah Those little guys are hard workers and cheap too. I cant wait to see your new stuff, Post Pics soon dude lol.

  2. One question… why did you decide to go with the twin linked auto cannon? It’s pretty defenseless in combat and you can get almost the same result with an assault cannon with psybolt ammo and also have rending. Sure you will increase the range as well as a getting a re-roll, I just don’t understand it.

    I guess it’s a little better but I don’t understand what the big deal is. I see it on forums and threads how wonderful it is to have 2 TL auto cannons. Please explain it to me… am I missing something?

  3. Well the reason i chose them, ( and the reason i think alot of people like them) is, that with the 2 TL autocannons with psybolt ammo you get 4 S8 ap4 shots with re rolls at 48 inches, while on the move. and its only 135 pts. Its great for dealing with vehicles your bound to get a good result with 4 shots at S8 with long range. and good for T4 guys with multiple wounds as you can insta kill with S8. hope this helps your puzzlement lol

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