So Many Orks! So little time!

So I apologize for not posting in a while, but its not because I havent been doing anything Warhammer related, its because it hasn’t been really blog worthy. It’s basically been me mass building Orks for my buddy Bill. I have one more Battlewagon to build for him, and he assures me that’s it. We’ll see…






But as for my own warhammerings, I built all of my new stuff (with the exception of the second stormraven) and I started painting one of my razorbacks. Now as soon as you see the pictures you will realize I am not doing a conventional grey knights scheme on them (not that I am doing one on my infantry, but this is way different). I decided to paint them Red, almost Burgundy, I thought it would be a good contrast to the almost white, grey of the infantry. I may add some of the astronomican grey to the tanks as wekll, but i havent decided yet… If your wondering how i painted what I’ve done so far, it was quite simple.






First I sprayed it with a non specific household dark red spray paint (nothing special), After the spray was dry, I washed the model with the P3 Armor wash, which is a little bit like Badab Black, but I like this a bit more. I then drybrushed the tank with Scab Red, and then with Flat red from the Vallejo range. This gave me some good highlights and Shading from the wash.  Right now I am at the stage of going over everything that is not going to be red and painting it black to await any metallics, or other colors.






If anyone has an opinion on the method or ideas to make it look better let me know, keep in mind the photos dont show the detail as much as i would like.  Another thing. Let me know what you think of adding the astronomican grey to the tanks, good? bad?


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