Razorback Finished, And The Grey Knights Prove Themselves in Battle!

Hey there. So I Finished The Razorback I was working on. I had a hell of a time trying to get just the right red, but I did end up finding a good shade that I felt worked well with the scheme I was going for. One very important thing that you may notice from the pictures, is that I’ve decided to make my tanks very battleworn. I’ve never done any battle damage before so I thought it would be cool to do these vehicles like that.  I really Like how it came out.

And one another note. I had a game with my friend Bill on Friday against his Blood Angels. And I of course used my Grey Knights. I was greatly impressed with them. The paladins held their own through one hell of a close combat, before being finished off by Mephiston and the Sanguinor. And the Rifleman Dred worked wonderfully. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. It wasn’t a one sided game at all though. It was very even the whole way through. The game ended on turn 7 with the score being 10 to 9 Kill Points.  So it was very close.  All in all I think I will greatly enjoy playing this army in the future.



One response to “Razorback Finished, And The Grey Knights Prove Themselves in Battle!

  1. Was a fun battle and very even all the way. Now I know how you felt after all our other battles. I’m now 6 and 1 vs Tom.

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