Back From the UK!

Hey there, so, I got back from the UK on Tuesday and have been recuperating since then. Between the Jet lag and whatever I caught while I was over there, I definitively needed a vacation from my vacation. Other than that my Wife and I had a wonderful honeymoon there. We saw a great many things of interest.  Such as Westminster abbey, St. Pauls Cathedral, The tower of London… etc etc… But the best thing was going to Warhammer World! Now, unfortunately, we went on the exact same day that Games Day UK was going on so not everything was there. but it was still great. I got to take lots of pictures of the hall of miniatures, we ate at Bugmans Bar and visited the Warhammer world Store. The only things I bought were the souvenirs from Bugman’s because I couldn’t justify buying any warhammer with the exchange rate we were getting over there. I figured Id just save my money and buy stuff when I got home.  So the UK was great, Warhammerworld was awesome, And Paris Is just a more crowded, dirtier version of New York.


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