Painting my Grey Knights…One at a time…

So I’ve finally finished my video tutorial of how I paint my Grey Knights. I tried to make this one much more in depth than my previous videos. Let me know what you think of it.


145 new paints to replace the old ones??? Whaaaaa???

So I was moseying over Facebook this morning while waiting for a video to upload, and I came across a Games Workshop post saying they have 145 new paints!

Now at first I thought this was 145 additional paints… I don’t believe that is the case now. It seems, according to their website that these replace the old ones. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this… Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are going to be awesome paints, and I’m sure they will be great quality…They should be at $3.70 a pot. But my problem with them is that they have changed all of the names of their paints, washes and foundations.

Although it seems they have divided their paints differently now. We now have a selection of Base paints (foundations), Shade paints (washes), layer paints (plain old acrylic paint) Dry paints (New* used specifically for drybrushing), Glazes (I believe they used to have glazes and did away with them for some reason, but I’m glad to have them back), Texture paints (New* Apparently used for basing…), and Technical paints( There are 4, each serve a different purpose, primering, varnish, liquid green stuff, and a mixing medium.) And Like I said, they have changed all the names of their paints and now given them even more fluffy names. Which is kinda cool. Overall I’m excited to see and use the new paints. On the other hand, Im a bit pissed, because Ive been working on a new tutorial that shows what paint I’m using and now they all changed…Oh well…

Inquisitor Completed

Hello again, I have finally made the finishing touches on my Inquisitor and Photographed him properly. I have really gotten back into the swing of grey knights and I’m really enjoying them again. Overall, I’m satisfied with how this model came out…but honestly not ecstatic about the finished product. Not sure what my problem was with this guy, but it just seemed like the paint just wouldn’t take how I wanted it to.  Also, I feel like my Camera is acting up but that may be all in my head….What do you think? I’m open to criticism.

Ok, Ok, I’ve been a little lazy lately… Shut up.

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been a tad inactive since I got back from the UK… Not going to bother explaining why, just going to say I’m back.

So on to things… Just because I haven’t posted, doesn’t mean I haven’t done Anything… Just haven’t found the time to actually upload or take pictures… like I said lazy… so sue me… Here are some glimpses of what I’ve had in the works over the past few months.

As you can see I haven’t just been working on one particular thing. Been working on my ruined city terrain, its slow going, but at least it’s going. I’m very excited to see how the board will look when I finish it. I’m very happy with how my Storm Raven in coming out. Having a lot of fun experimenting with battle damage and weathering.  I have also been working on an Ultramarines force. Always had a soft spot in my heart for vanilla marines. That was my first army ever anyhow. Although, I played Imperial Fists, not Ultramarines. But the ultra smurfs have grown on me since then.  As you can also see there is a little WIP shot of my Inqusitor. He will be leading a retinue of 6 pykers, 3 servitors, some warrior acolytes, and one other guy that escapes my memory at the moment, so, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Well I look forward to getting back in to the swing the 41st millenium, I have many projects that I would like to complete this year. Wish me luck… I’ll need it.