Death Guard Raptors

So I finished my Raptors today after working on them for about a week. Overall I’m happy with how they came out. I can definitely say that if I didn’t play a Death Guard army I would be very upset with Finecast. There were air holes and deformities all over these models. But luckily for me That kind of works in my favor as Death Guard armor doesn’t always look so pristine. So a few defects just added a bit of character to these models but I would have been very disappointed if I played a different army.



Project: Inquisitorial Henchmen

Well, it’s been a whole 10 mins since I posted last, but, like I said, I’ve been a hobbying madman, so I have a lot to share. My day has mostly been comprised of painting my Inquisitorial henchmen. I have 6 done so far and I have 4 to go. When the unit is finished it will be, 4 warrior acolytes with hot shot lasguns (stormtroopers), 1 mystic, 4 Psykers, and 1 servitor with a multi-melta. I like the tactic of using the psykers, I have no idea how it will play on the table, but I’m very interested to find out. It has the potential to cause a lot of havoc, for both sides…

Grey Knight Side Project

So I’ve been a hobbying madman the past two days and one of the things I took a little time out to do today was make a model for Grand Master Mordrak. I like the fluff on this character, and I like the idea of fielding him in my army. Of course along with a squad of ghost knights to accompany him. Which I have yet to buy, and probably wont for some time. But, anyway… I made him out of one of my old metal grey knight terminators and added the arms from the new plastic sprue, and made a scenic base for him. Nothing special, but I think the posing came out very well. I really think he will stand out when he is fully painted. Plus along with a squad of ethereal looking terminators? It will be quite the showcase unit! And If you’re asking, “Whats all that blue on his daemon hammer?” Give me a break it fell into a paint pot… the detail’s still there, you’ll never know once he’s painted.

Necrons and Chaos Face off

And how true that was. So last Saturday I played a great game with my cousin Dave. He brought his Necrons, and I played my Death Guard.  It was a small game, only 1000 points. Kill point mission.

I learned one important thing in this game, and that was those buggers keep getting back up! Dave had a 15 man warrior squad that had, over the course of 2 turns reanimate 14 warriors! I basically had to kill that squad twice! If I have any advice when it comes to facing Necrons, it’s “Make sure you have enough punch to take out the whole unit, or half of them are probably going to get back up”.

All in all it was pretty even all the way through the game. My memory is a little fuzzy I believe it went to turn 6, but I’m not sure. It did end in a draw though. The highlight for me was that my Daemon Prince finally got his revenge on Dave. He has taunted my poor Daemon Prince for years now. And he has finally got his revenge for being disgraced by Daves pathetic tau commander… yes Dave, I said pathetic! And now papa Nurgle laughs at the demise of your Necron overlord!  A bit much??? Anyway, It was just nice not to lose. And I look forward to facing Daves Necrons again soon. Heres Some shots from the game. I was going to do a video battle report, but who has the time for that??? So you get pictures.
















Grey Knights Dread Completed

Hello again.

So I have recently completed my first grey knights dreadnought (the one with the dual twin linked auto cannons) I am extremely happy with how it’s come out. I’m really loving my decision to go with a red color scheme for my vehicles. I think it really makes them stand out on the battlefield. Here are some work in progress shots and final shots.

Storm Eagle gunship incoming!

So if your not subscribed to the forgeworld newsletter you are missing out for one… But if you are you have most likely seen the new storm eagle gunship!


This is one hell of a cool model. I will say that it totally looks like a kit bashed stormraven, but I don’t care. It’s awesome nonetheless. The experimental rules seem interesting as well. Now it has a very similar stat line to the stormraven but has a few different weapon options and a much higher transport capacity. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure this was a predominately pre-heresy ship. I know there was one ship that was smaller than the thunderhawk that was widely used during the great crusade, and I’m pretty sure this is it. ( I just dont have the patience right now to skim through my Horus heresy novels and try to find the name.) but I’m pretty sure this is it. It’s going for about 160.00 us dollars so it’s a bit pricey but compared to other kits from forgeworld it’s almost a steal. Check it out on forgeworld’s website it’s finally added to the new stuff section.