Necrons and Chaos Face off

And how true that was. So last Saturday I played a great game with my cousin Dave. He brought his Necrons, and I played my Death Guard.  It was a small game, only 1000 points. Kill point mission.

I learned one important thing in this game, and that was those buggers keep getting back up! Dave had a 15 man warrior squad that had, over the course of 2 turns reanimate 14 warriors! I basically had to kill that squad twice! If I have any advice when it comes to facing Necrons, it’s “Make sure you have enough punch to take out the whole unit, or half of them are probably going to get back up”.

All in all it was pretty even all the way through the game. My memory is a little fuzzy I believe it went to turn 6, but I’m not sure. It did end in a draw though. The highlight for me was that my Daemon Prince finally got his revenge on Dave. He has taunted my poor Daemon Prince for years now. And he has finally got his revenge for being disgraced by Daves pathetic tau commander… yes Dave, I said pathetic! And now papa Nurgle laughs at the demise of your Necron overlord!  A bit much??? Anyway, It was just nice not to lose. And I look forward to facing Daves Necrons again soon. Heres Some shots from the game. I was going to do a video battle report, but who has the time for that??? So you get pictures.

















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