Grey Knight Side Project

So I’ve been a hobbying madman the past two days and one of the things I took a little time out to do today was make a model for Grand Master Mordrak. I like the fluff on this character, and I like the idea of fielding him in my army. Of course along with a squad of ghost knights to accompany him. Which I have yet to buy, and probably wont for some time. But, anyway… I made him out of one of my old metal grey knight terminators and added the arms from the new plastic sprue, and made a scenic base for him. Nothing special, but I think the posing came out very well. I really think he will stand out when he is fully painted. Plus along with a squad of ethereal looking terminators? It will be quite the showcase unit! And If you’re asking, “Whats all that blue on his daemon hammer?” Give me a break it fell into a paint pot… the detail’s still there, you’ll never know once he’s painted.


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