Another 40K saturday

So the group finally got together last night for a couple good games. When we actually got to start playing (after Pelkey put all his stuff together…) we did a 2 on 2 game of Chaos(me) and Tau(pelkey) vs. dark angels(ken) and Necrons(dave). 2000 points. We did a regular kill point mission. We each had 14 kill points per side so it was even. We ended up cutting the game short as it was quite obvious that Pelkey and I had it in the bag, and instead of continuing we just figured we would start the next game. The next game was Ken and I vs. Dave, as Pelkey had to leave. Grey Knights(me) and Dark angels vs. Necrons and Tyranids. 3000 points. This game was also cut short due to the fact that Ken and I were basically annihilating Dave, We had a Lucky first turn, and dave had a very unlucky first turn… So we took it as a win… We did make it through about 5 turns… so it was basically over… We had him by at least 5 or 6 kill points…

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment…


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