Let them rain down cleansing fire!

So just thought I’d give a little glimpse of the purifiers that I have been working on for a week or so now. Painting white is a real pain, but I love how it looks when done right. So needless to say, I’m really excited to finish this squad, not only because I wont have to paint white for a while… But Ill, have a nice completed 5 man unit of purifies to use next 40k Saturday.


Plans for the upcoming 6th ed rules…

Now, this is mostly wish listing, as I have  very little knowledge of how things are going to be in the new edition of the rules, but with the little hints and glimpses that the new white dwarf has shown, I’m really excited about allies… I have a few ideas and like I said I don’t have the exact rules yet so this may just be a fools hope, but I would love to add a contingent of Ultamarines to my grey knights force. Or even some guardsmen. I still have 2 platoons worth of guardsmen that I haven’t even built yet. And they are even death korps of krieg too. Maybe add a Valkyrie with some storm troopers… This new edition has made me want to complete so much in such a little amount of time. I’m starting to get that “OMG too much I want to do!” feeling… that feeling is not good, because I usually get too overwhelmed and then go back to playing WoW…. But I doubt that will happen with 6th ed on the horizon… the temptation to play games with the new rules will just be too much… I just have to pace myself and work on one thing at a time…

Wish me luck And just for fun, here are some of the buildings I have been building as of late.

6th ED Incoming!

Well…I wouldn’t feel like a real 40K blogger without posting something…anything… about the near release of Warhammer 40,000 6th edition… So here is my weak attempt at that… I can’t wait! And as much as I want it to come, I don’t want it to… I say this because, I feel like I have just finally wrapped my head around the 5th Ed rules, (and I still get them confused with 3rd…and 4th Ed rules, as my cousin Dave reminds me…alot…) and I’ve got a comfort with them that I haven’t felt since highschool when 3rd Ed was out…I know that for the most part, everything will be very similar, but from all the rumors I’ve been reading, there will be quite a few changes. I am still optimistic that GW wont screw us over, and I’m sure it will be great fun to play. But I still have that tension of learning and memorizing all the new little changes and charts and whatnot that goes along with a release like this… I Am hearing that The new box set will consist of Eldar, and CSM, so that is above awesome, as those a re two armies that I play. And CSM and Eldar will be a couple of the first 6ED codices, which is super cool. Right now, my biggest dilemma is choosing whether I want the gamers edition of the rulebook, or the collectors edition of it… I’m leaning towards the gamers edition as it comes with a cool satchel and dice and stuff. I’m a bit upset at the cost…but whatever… If your interested in more detailed info about the upcoming 6ed rules check out Belloflostsouls, they have some great posts about this long awaited release.

Whats Going On?!?!?!?!

So May has come and gone, and June is coming to a close… What have I done in this month of posting inactivity? Well, not a whole lot… If you head over to Warpminds, you can see how a great weekend of wargaming played out, and just this past Saturday we had our every three weeks “40K Saturday”. So I can’t say I haven’t done anything hobby related, but it has been mostly gaming and less hobbying… So with that said, what am I working on now? Well, I’ve decided now that my Death Guard Army is finally complete (for now), that I should probably start working on the project that I started months ago. That project being, my ruined city terrain board. I have just about everything I need to create it, and I’ve even built some of the buildings.  I’m using 2 sets of the imperial sector from games workshop for most of the peices, and I have also gotten some jersey barriers, and sandbag emplacements from terranscapes. This guy casts some great stuff. He even threw in some extras that were slight miscasts for free. So those make great additions to the terrain pieces. I’m also thinking now on how I want to make roads. So, I’m pretty excited to work more on this project, as I think when it is complete it will really bring a new flavor to our games.