6th ED Incoming!

Well…I wouldn’t feel like a real 40K blogger without posting something…anything… about the near release of Warhammer 40,000 6th edition… So here is my weak attempt at that… I can’t wait! And as much as I want it to come, I don’t want it to… I say this because, I feel like I have just finally wrapped my head around the 5th Ed rules, (and I still get them confused with 3rd…and 4th Ed rules, as my cousin Dave reminds me…alot…) and I’ve got a comfort with them that I haven’t felt since highschool when 3rd Ed was out…I know that for the most part, everything will be very similar, but from all the rumors I’ve been reading, there will be quite a few changes. I am still optimistic that GW wont screw us over, and I’m sure it will be great fun to play. But I still have that tension of learning and memorizing all the new little changes and charts and whatnot that goes along with a release like this… I Am hearing that The new box set will consist of Eldar, and CSM, so that is above awesome, as those a re two armies that I play. And CSM and Eldar will be a couple of the first 6ED codices, which is super cool. Right now, my biggest dilemma is choosing whether I want the gamers edition of the rulebook, or the collectors edition of it… I’m leaning towards the gamers edition as it comes with a cool satchel and dice and stuff. I’m a bit upset at the cost…but whatever… If your interested in more detailed info about the upcoming 6ed rules check out Belloflostsouls, they have some great posts about this long awaited release.


2 responses to “6th ED Incoming!

  1. When did you here Eldar and CSMs? That was a while back I think. All the rumors now, I think, point to Dark Angels and CSMs. The whole White Dwarf spines and even the codex cover leak show DA. Not to mention the paint set coming with DA molded shoulder pads.

    Don’t get me wrong I think Eldar would be a better choice for a release.

    • I had heard DA as well a while back, Maybe I’m getting my timelines screwed up… Looking now, I cant for the life of me find where I saw Eldar lol But either way, it will be cool, and as long as I get my CSM, I’m happy.

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