Whats Going On?!?!?!?!

So May has come and gone, and June is coming to a close… What have I done in this month of posting inactivity? Well, not a whole lot… If you head over to Warpminds, you can see how a great weekend of wargaming played out, and just this past Saturday we had our every three weeks “40K Saturday”. So I can’t say I haven’t done anything hobby related, but it has been mostly gaming and less hobbying… So with that said, what am I working on now? Well, I’ve decided now that my Death Guard Army is finally complete (for now), that I should probably start working on the project that I started months ago. That project being, my ruined city terrain board. I have just about everything I need to create it, and I’ve even built some of the buildings.  I’m using 2 sets of the imperial sector from games workshop for most of the peices, and I have also gotten some jersey barriers, and sandbag emplacements from terranscapes. This guy casts some great stuff. He even threw in some extras that were slight miscasts for free. So those make great additions to the terrain pieces. I’m also thinking now on how I want to make roads. So, I’m pretty excited to work more on this project, as I think when it is complete it will really bring a new flavor to our games.


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