Plans for the upcoming 6th ed rules…

Now, this is mostly wish listing, as I have  very little knowledge of how things are going to be in the new edition of the rules, but with the little hints and glimpses that the new white dwarf has shown, I’m really excited about allies… I have a few ideas and like I said I don’t have the exact rules yet so this may just be a fools hope, but I would love to add a contingent of Ultamarines to my grey knights force. Or even some guardsmen. I still have 2 platoons worth of guardsmen that I haven’t even built yet. And they are even death korps of krieg too. Maybe add a Valkyrie with some storm troopers… This new edition has made me want to complete so much in such a little amount of time. I’m starting to get that “OMG too much I want to do!” feeling… that feeling is not good, because I usually get too overwhelmed and then go back to playing WoW…. But I doubt that will happen with 6th ed on the horizon… the temptation to play games with the new rules will just be too much… I just have to pace myself and work on one thing at a time…

Wish me luck And just for fun, here are some of the buildings I have been building as of late.


One response to “Plans for the upcoming 6th ed rules…

  1. I am the exact same way with my bugs, but will eventuly get their. So far rules are leaning to shooting, but Tyranids may gain extra slots since they can’t have allies. Honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if you could use the ultra marines, but you never know. Saturday can’t come quick enough! BTW nice job on the boards.

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