Still waiting…

Well, I am still waiting for my 6th Ed rulebook to be delivered… I am not happy about this. I preordered it the day it was available(6-23)… and now its 4 days after the actual release date… And apparently according to fed ex… its still in Mass… Now, usually I have no problem at all with Gw’s shipping… usually comes in 2 or 3 days. and thatS the free shipping… but apparently they are shipping this fed ex “spartpost” AKA horse and buggy… I fully expected to get it on the release date, and I guess I should have known… besides my displeasure about this, I’m not letting it get me down. I am still excited to read it and try out all the new rules. ( when it eventually arrives) In the mean time I am still working on my grey knights and fiddleing with my Death Korps… I will post pics with updates on my progress. Until then I hope all of you who actually got the new rulebook are enjoying it.


2 responses to “Still waiting…

  1. Preordered and shipped out on Friday. Got it on Monday. My buddy Dave ordered on Tuesday, usually it comes the next day but because the holiday it came today. Plus it was 20% off. Get with the times man!!

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