Back in the swing of things!

First: Yes I did eventually get my 6th ED rulebook.

Second: Yes I did drop off the face of 40k for quite a while!

Third: Well I’m back! And got plans for the future.

So with that said, Here what I’ve got going on… I just ordered the dark Vengeance box set(finally, better late than never) and the new Chaos Codex! I’ve got some conflicting ideas now. Obviously as you know I play a death guard Army and I’m very interested to see the changes with the new codex. I have not looked around the web for much info on it, so everything(well almost everything) will be completely new news to me. So i’m exited for that. The conflict comes with what exactly I want to work on… I love the look of the chaos models that come in the started box now! But I’m not sure if I want to paint them in my usual Death Guard scheme. I say that because I have been reading Soul Hunter the past few days and I kinda want to paint them in a Night Lords scheme. And with all the awesome Dark Angels models that come with it I could even work on a Dark Angels army, I still have about 4 Tactical squads worth of marines that still need to be assembled and painted…Why not DAs? So I don’t know, Ill have to give it some thought…codex chaos dark vengeance