Dire Avengers Pt. 2

Well, I have finally started work on my second squad of Dire Avengers. I’ve had this squad for over a year now, and I hadn’t even primed them until this past Thursday. I don’t know what it was, I just had this urge to paint them with red helmets, and I just had to get going on them. I like the idea of having multiple aspect warrior squads of the same type but painted differently to show which shrine they are from. Here’s a preview of how they are going to look. I’ve finished the Exarch, and a couple others but they aren’t based yet so…




40k Saturday

Well had another 40k Saturday this past weekend. This time during the day so we weren’t so exhausted. It was eldar and dark angels vs orks and tyranids. Pretty fun game. We won 8 -0. Eldar and dark angels rule the day!




What I’ve been up to

So, With the new Eldar release I’ve gone full swing into the new codex. I’ve finally finished my squad of dire avengers that I’ve been procrastinating on. Although they aren’t all based… But they are painted…  I’ve also started adding the Eldar vehicle upgrades to my tanks… You can see the crystal targeting matrix and the holofields on this Falcon! And I’m currently working on my seer council (or warlock council).

On the chaos Front I also finished my New Heldrake!

I’m also working with a new set up to enable me to take photos on the fly!