And now the pictures

Not much to add here, Please refer back to the previous post for more info… I’m out of work, I Ate some dinner, and now I give you pictures! ( Yes I am aware the Marines aren’t based yet. I cant decide whether to scrape off the base on the captain and do a ruined city base on all of them, or just go with my normal grass and stones… Still have to think about that….)



Decent of Angels. My Dark Angels are on their way!


So after we got back from camping this past Sunday, and after a quick nap to recover from all the alcohol consumption , I started work on my dark vengeance set. I had painted up the captain earlier in the week and I wasn’t thrilled with how he came out… The green was just too dark. So with the regular marines I started on Sunday I changed up the scheme a bit to lighten it up. I originally had just done a basecoat of caliban green and then a hard line highlight of a very light green( I don’t have the pot in front of me right now) then I washed it with beil tan green. It wasn’t horrible but just too dark. So with the new marines I decided to add a step. What I did was add a drybrush of another mid tone green after the base coat and before the highlight. This worked out great. Not only does it point out the highlights but lightens up the finished model too. I think it really makes the green stand out instead of being dull and dark. These marines are coming along pretty good. I e completed 3 so far and the take about an hour each… Im Working on a plan to work on more than one at a time, kinda like an assembly line sort of thin to make them come together quicker. I have about 40-50 marines to paint so the faster I can get them done the better. The ones Im really worried about are the terminators… that bone color is going to be a bitch. but i have some old crappy termies hanging around that i can practice on so i dont screw up the nice new ones that come in the set.I’ll post pictures o the completed marines and captain tonight when I get home.

Council Of Psykers

My Warlock Council is finished. Took me a good amount of time to finish these as they are fairly detailed and have A LOT of gems. Kind of tedious, but the effort is definitely worth it. Now that they are all painted they look great together. Now, from a gaming standpoint, I haven’t really thought about running them as an actual unit, I’ll have to try it and see if its worth the points. But if nothing else it gives me two models to use as Farseers, and another three to use as warlocks in guardian units. In the last game I played the conceal/reveal power came in VERY handy, so it’s definitely worth putting one in the army. I’ve also included a picture of all the Eldar Seers that I have. My other warlock, my very old Farseer with singing spear(slightly converted to get rid of his bunny ears)… And of course Eldrad Uthran.


Vyper Completed

Finished my Vyper the other day, And then decided to go back to it and revamp it a bit. Turns out the original scheme I went for was just too dark, and didn’t really match the army. I Originally wanted it to look more like my Jetbikes which are mostly enchanted blue, with hints of Ice blue, basically the opposite of the rest of the army(with the exception of the vehicles.) But when I finished it the enchanted blue just didn’t make it stick out enough. Way too dark and bland. So today I worked on it a bit to make it pop out more. This time I followed the same scheme as the one I use for my vehicles(after all the Vyper is a vehicle). And I really think it paid off. The ice blue cockpit and wings really make it stand out more. I’ve included pictures of before and after to show the difference.



To lead or not to lead?

So, I repainted my Autarch today, after him being stripped and re-primed for quite a while now. That seems to be a common occurrence with me. I tend to start projects and move on to other things quite a lot and end up coming back to them way later. But, that’s besides the point.  Hes done now, and looks way better than his original iteration. I painted him in my normal color scheme for my Eldar, with and ice blue body and an enchanted blue head, and cape.  I’m super happy with how he came out, I really think the use of a wet pallet helped me a lot in this project. Up until today I never used one, but while laying in bed last night watching my usual Youtube subscriptions on my phone, I came across a simple tutorial on how to make a wet pallet. It was tabletop minions if your interested. I’ve really been enjoying his videos, very informative and down to earth. So with using the wet pallet I definitely saved on paint, with them being able to stay moist on the pallet I didn’t have to keep going back to my bottles. Other than that I used my normal techniques, although I have been using highlighting to a much greater degree lately and I think it really shows on the models. I still have to work on my shading of white. I personally don’t think it looks bad, but it doesn’t look great. But I guess I’ll have to start looking into how to accomplish a more realistic white.


Vyper Conversion

So I ended up buying an Eldar Vyper jetbike last week. I’ve always thought that this model was pretty cool, but never got around to getting one. I’d really like to get a couple more to make it a squadron but all in good time. This post is going to be about how I replaced the Shuriken Catapults with a Shuriken Cannon.  I used a similar technique as I used when I added a cannon to one of my jetbikes but this time instead of using a cannon from the guardian/wraithlord kit, I used one from the forge world vehicle upgrades.


It was a bit tricky as I really didn’t put much thought into it at first. It turned out to be fairly easy though. On one side, I cut the the catapult off completely. I filed the front and the bottom down to fit the cannon. I then also had to cut a portion of the rib cage like structure on the bottom out to fit the ammo feed portion of the cannon. I used a little green stuff as a gap filler to lower the cannon a bit after I realized it was not going to sit low enough. On the opposite side, I cut the tip of the cannon off and added the targeting probe thing that comes with the forgeworld cannon to the tip.  I left the canopy, the top structure and the rear gunner unglued for painting purposes. (Thats something I have to do more often with my models because it makes it very difficult to paint some models when its entirely glued together…) All in all I think it came out pretty seamless. I think when its painted up it will look very menacing.

Death Has come for you!

Well, to the enemies of the Eldar at least… My Dark Reapers are complete. Yes, I did actually complete them in a day. These few days off I’ve been super productive on the 40K front. It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to paint the black, but the technique I decided on was actually quite simple. It consisted of simply a drybrush of Astronomican Grey(yes, I’m still using the old paints) over a black undercoat, then 2-3 washes of Nuln Oil, depending on how well they took. It worked out very well considering the simplicity. I did end up painting the guns turquoise, although they ended up being more blue than turquoise. But I’m still happy with the result, if anything they blend better with my army’s color scheme now. I did have some trouble keeping them consistent though… They pretty much look the same but they are slightly different… All in all these came together very quick once the black was complete. Just a few purple bands, and some bone faces and that was about it.