Mechdar Coming!

Just thought I’d post about my progress on my Wave Serpents. I have 2 completed , one was completed quite some time ago, but I did finally get around to my second(out of three) This one armed with TL Starcannons. The one game That I’ve played my Eldar, with the new codex really proved to me the power of the wave serpents.  The Serpent Shield attack it has now is Awesome! With a possible 7 S7 (I think) shots with a 60″ range is great for taking down alot.  And it ignores cover! Plus I love the way Eldar tanks look, so it gives me a good excuse to run more of them.  I still have some more work on my third to do, that one is armed with TL Scatter Lasers. I figure Ill take advantage of the Laser Lock rule. And on the same topic of Eldar Tanks, I am still working on adjusting my second Falcon, and adding the forge world Vehicle upgrades to it.


2 responses to “Mechdar Coming!

  1. And how is the RXT 215 coming? You know the one that does 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds… In the water of course!

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