Death Has come for you!

Well, to the enemies of the Eldar at least… My Dark Reapers are complete. Yes, I did actually complete them in a day. These few days off I’ve been super productive on the 40K front. It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to paint the black, but the technique I decided on was actually quite simple. It consisted of simply a drybrush of Astronomican Grey(yes, I’m still using the old paints) over a black undercoat, then 2-3 washes of Nuln Oil, depending on how well they took. It worked out very well considering the simplicity. I did end up painting the guns turquoise, although they ended up being more blue than turquoise. But I’m still happy with the result, if anything they blend better with my army’s color scheme now. I did have some trouble keeping them consistent though… They pretty much look the same but they are slightly different… All in all these came together very quick once the black was complete. Just a few purple bands, and some bone faces and that was about it.



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