To lead or not to lead?

So, I repainted my Autarch today, after him being stripped and re-primed for quite a while now. That seems to be a common occurrence with me. I tend to start projects and move on to other things quite a lot and end up coming back to them way later. But, that’s besides the point.  Hes done now, and looks way better than his original iteration. I painted him in my normal color scheme for my Eldar, with and ice blue body and an enchanted blue head, and cape.  I’m super happy with how he came out, I really think the use of a wet pallet helped me a lot in this project. Up until today I never used one, but while laying in bed last night watching my usual Youtube subscriptions on my phone, I came across a simple tutorial on how to make a wet pallet. It was tabletop minions if your interested. I’ve really been enjoying his videos, very informative and down to earth. So with using the wet pallet I definitely saved on paint, with them being able to stay moist on the pallet I didn’t have to keep going back to my bottles. Other than that I used my normal techniques, although I have been using highlighting to a much greater degree lately and I think it really shows on the models. I still have to work on my shading of white. I personally don’t think it looks bad, but it doesn’t look great. But I guess I’ll have to start looking into how to accomplish a more realistic white.



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