Council Of Psykers

My Warlock Council is finished. Took me a good amount of time to finish these as they are fairly detailed and have A LOT of gems. Kind of tedious, but the effort is definitely worth it. Now that they are all painted they look great together. Now, from a gaming standpoint, I haven’t really thought about running them as an actual unit, I’ll have to try it and see if its worth the points. But if nothing else it gives me two models to use as Farseers, and another three to use as warlocks in guardian units. In the last game I played the conceal/reveal power came in VERY handy, so it’s definitely worth putting one in the army. I’ve also included a picture of all the Eldar Seers that I have. My other warlock, my very old Farseer with singing spear(slightly converted to get rid of his bunny ears)… And of course Eldrad Uthran.



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