He has Returned!

My Dreadnought Is Complete. Looking pretty great too if I might say. I really wasn’t sure how the bleached bone would look. (yes I still have bleached bane, and I’m really hoping the new equivalent paint is similar enough so my future minis don’t look out of place. ) Anyway… Like I said, Dreadnought looking good. Now there is one thing I would like to point out about this model is the under slung stormbolter. I really like how the red stands out and pops against the bone color. I almost wish there was more red on the model, just because it looks so cool. All in all, this didn’t take me all that much time despite painstakingly painting on the bone color over the washed stone color. I think this was good practice for painting the terminators I’ll be working on shortly. So look for those to come soon.


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