The Lion’s Finest!- And what’s to come

I finally finished My squad of Dark Angels last night. These were definitely labor intensive… But totally worth the effort. And now 20-30 or so to go…  But for the next squads I’ll be using the AOBR marines as I have 2 or 3 squads of those laying around. These are a great way to get a decent Marine army up to size. Currently for my Dark Angels force, I have 3-4 squads of marines, a Dreadnought (AOBR), 3 bikes, 5 terminators(DV), the Captain and Librarian(DV) and a squad of old metal scouts. I’m thinking of getting a predator at some point to add to it, but I have a lot to go before then…


I have also included a photo if the Dread I’m working on, I’ve been painting it while the marines were drying between washes and layers… So It’s actually almost complete.  I’ve added  a bit of Dark Angels flair to it and Magnetized the right arm So I can have multiple weapon options, Right now I’m arming it with an Assault Cannon. I might even post the completed project up later today… But we’ll see…


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