A little change of plans…

So, with the New space marines codex right around the corner and all the buzz around it, it’s made me want to have a little change of heart… Now you may remember that I mentioned I had 30 to 40 space marines that I was going to paint up as Dark Angels…Well I do have those marines But I think I’m actually going to use them for their originally intended purpose… That being becoming Ultramarines. I had started painting a small force of Ultramarines around a year ago, but never really did anything with them. Then, I had the idea to just go on ebay and buy a few Tactical squads from the AOBR set seeing as they are a 1/4 of the price of a tactical squad boxed set, and in my personal opinion, look pretty damn good. Now I know they aren’t very diverse in pose, and if you look close enough, you can definitely tell they are one piece casts, but I still like the stoic forward facing stances they are in. And when you want to make an army on a budget they are the perfect choice. Although, there was one (I emphasize “was”) issue I had with these sets. That being that the sergeant was posed very bland and of course all four squads would have the same sergeant… That’s not very good when it comes to “forging the narrative” and despite the the rest of the squads looking very similar, I wanted the sergeants to have their own flair if you will. So with that said, Here is what I did. With a little Drilling, cutting and filing, I came up with these solutions, I think they came out fantastic, you can almost not even tell they are the same basic miniature.


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