Marneus Calgar And Honor Guard

Ok, Ok, I didn’t just paint these. They have been done for about 6 years now. Wow how time flies… And surprisingly, they look pretty up to date with my current painting style… Not sure if I just did a really good job on them 6 years ago, or I just haven’t gotten any better… I’m going to go with I just did a really good job on them then haha… Anyway, I just decided it would be a good time to re base these to match the rest of my Ultramarines force that I’ve been working on. Quick, Simple, But now I have some eye candy to post today. So for your viewing pleasure. I present The Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, the Lord Of Macragge, Marneus Calgar, and his Honor Guard.


Refreshed Librarian

Completed my old Librarian. I’ve had this model since my first army (Imperial Fists) about 11 years ago. Since I’m doing a new Space Marine army I figured I’d strip him down and repaint him. And Boy am I glad I did. To say he looks better than he used to is a huge understatement. I wish I had a picture of the model before I stripped it, but unfortunately I don’t… I find it incredible that my painting ability has grown so much. But hey thats why they say practice makes perfect. Well take a look, let me know what you think. 

Done. Took a while, But they are done…

And now 30 more to go… So I not only finished painting that captain I mentioned in my last post, but I also took the opportunity to finish the tactical squad I was working on. I’m of course happy with how these came out, but I’m not too happy with how they photographed… Maybe something is up with my camera… But I do feel they look way better in person than they do in the photos. This is a squad with one of the sergeants that I altered so that all my sergeants didn’t look the same. I love this one in particular, I think it was the coolest pose I came up with. And he looks even better now that he’s painted. So Enjoy the pics, Let me know what you think.

And this is a little preview of what I’m starting work on tonight.


So Remember when I started painting those space marines?


Well, I know it may seem like a lifetime since I’ve done anything 40k, or painting, or hobby related at all. And I assure you that is almost entirely true. World of Warcraft gripped my attention away again, and stole me away from my true hobby, which is of course 40k… Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE world of warcraft, but its just not 40k… And Blizzard is a little boring on the content right now with Warlords of Dreanor on its way… (BTW, Totally leaving 40k for a while when that bitch comes out…)

Anyway, on to what I’m working on, So to get myself back into the swing of 40k I always find I need to get something shiny and new. Now in this case its not something necessarily new to the 40k scene but it is something I’ve been meaning to get for a while, and I feel it will be fun to paint. That model being the good ole, plastic Space Marine Captain. So I’m going to put this bad boy together and get going on it. I will of course post Pictures of WIP and the finished project.