A Necron For My Cuz

So, I offered to paint up a model For my cousin Dave, and he gave me his Necron Special character, Nemesor Zahndrekh to piant up.

I think he’s going to really like it. I do, I think he came out fantastic. I got to use some techniques I am not so familiar with and I got to paint something other than Blue space marines, which to be completely honest I’m getting really burnt out of… So It was a good distraction. Hope you like it Dave. I’ll have a hard time killing him in game now that I’ve painted him haha. And Great job on the base Dave, I cant take credit for that, I painted it yes, but the design was all you.



Death From The Skies!

Work is complete on my 5 man Assault Squad. This squad was actually comprised of some old models I had lying around that were either partially painted or not quite finished. And these had been laying around for at least 10 years… So with this new Ultramarines army I’m making I just couldn’t let them sit there unused… The downside to using these old half painted models and repainting them, is that they just don’t look nearly as crisp and clean as if I bought and painted brand new ones. Now as I am not nearly a professional painter, and the army I’m building has in no way any golden daemon winning pieces…  I’m not too concerned with it looking absolutely perfect. And Hell they still came out pretty damn good… Photographed like crap… (the imperfections really stand out in the pics…) But from tabletop distance they look great… And tha’ts really all that matters… Well anyway, take a look.