My first Vehicle for my Ultramarines

So, I’ve got quite a few troops painted for my new army, but what I am lacking are vehicles. The last time I made a Space Marine army, I had too many vehicles, and not enough troops, now I have the opposite problem. So to start out the mechanized section of my army here is the Rhino/Razorback I painted up. Next up will be my Stormraven Gunship.


Makeshift Sternguard Vets

Working on a little project I had been thinking of doing. I have all these black reach marines and with the right cutting drilling and converting I am making 4 of them into Sterngaurd veterans. I had an old Veteran Sergeant lying around from a previous army So I’m using him as the sergeant. A few head swaps, plasticard capes and gun exchanges and this is what I’ve got so far.