Stormraven Completed

This was  really fun model to paint. I was very intimidated by it to begin with, As it is very large and very detailed. But after the initial base color, it was pretty simple. I love how it came out and I can’t wait to see it rain down fiery death upon my foes.  So here it is. In all its glory, my Stormraven Gunship… I guess I might need to get a Thunderhawk to fly alongside it?


Ok So it wasn’t that bad….

I had been putting off building this model because it looked really spiky and intricate. Now I usually don’t shy away from building models, This one had just rubbed me the wrong way…

Now with that said… was it that bad to build? No. Did I really have to pay attention to the instructions? For sure! Every piece goes exactly where it needs to. So you really have to pay attention.

So here you go Bill, Have fun Painting this piece!  Haha

Bill, This one’s for you!

Hope you’re reading this today Bill, I know I’ve had this model for roughly a year now… I know, I’ve had it so long I’ve forgotten when you actually gave it to me to put together haha.

Anyway, As I am always reminded of how shitty I am for not putting this model together in such a long period of time, I’ve decided that it will be today’s project. And then I’ll finally be free from shit talking haha.

So here it is in it’s 2 Box form ready to be broken out and assembled. Here goes nothing, Time to start building the Exalted Chariot of Slannesh!


Some Progress to Show

OK, So I have been widdling away at this Ultramarines army for a while now, And I haven’t quite posted everything that I have finished or that is work in progress…

What I am working on currently is my Stormraven gunship(pictured below. I have magnetized all the options except for the nose mounted weapons, I have to buy smaller magnets for those. So they will just be set in place for now.



What else do I have on my plate to complete? I just ordered 2 drop pods, and I still have a devastator squad to paint.


What else have I finished? I’ve completed another tactical squad, and I’m working on the 3rd(just 3 more models to go). In addition, I have also completed my Sternguard Veterans I made out of bitz and Black reach marines.

Speaking of those Sternguard vets, as much as I like how they came out, they are nothing compared to the actual Sternguard vets boxed set that came out recently, So I will most likely invest in one down the road…

Lastly, I altered the Captain that I painted a little while back. For some reason, his pose was just not to my liking, So here’s what I did, I feel he looks a bit more commanding now.