Some Progress to Show

OK, So I have been widdling away at this Ultramarines army for a while now, And I haven’t quite posted everything that I have finished or that is work in progress…

What I am working on currently is my Stormraven gunship(pictured below. I have magnetized all the options except for the nose mounted weapons, I have to buy smaller magnets for those. So they will just be set in place for now.



What else do I have on my plate to complete? I just ordered 2 drop pods, and I still have a devastator squad to paint.


What else have I finished? I’ve completed another tactical squad, and I’m working on the 3rd(just 3 more models to go). In addition, I have also completed my Sternguard Veterans I made out of bitz and Black reach marines.

Speaking of those Sternguard vets, as much as I like how they came out, they are nothing compared to the actual Sternguard vets boxed set that came out recently, So I will most likely invest in one down the road…

Lastly, I altered the Captain that I painted a little while back. For some reason, his pose was just not to my liking, So here’s what I did, I feel he looks a bit more commanding now.


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