A Return to 40K, and Putting AoS on hold…

So the inevitable has happened, I have decided to put some of my AoS stuff on hold for a while. With the New Edition of 40k here and all the new goodies out for the new Primaris Space marines, I just really couldn’t resist putting them together and painting them. I had been kinda losing steam with my AoS stuff as I seemingly have a very short attention span when it comes to painting similar models in quick succession. So I foresee me going back to them in a few months or less. But I’m really excited to start my Dark Imperium Box Set today, so lets see how this goes.

Hopefully I’ll have some Pictures up on Instagram later.


Skuldrak, Khorgorath Of Khorne

Finally getting around to making a post on this guy. I had a very love/hate relationship with this model while painting it. It bothers me why I can’t figure out how this guys face works… is the skull his face? Or is the skull in his mouth? Are those horns or teeth on his head? So many questions… Anyway, even with all those unanswered questions I still like the model, it looks super menacing and is quite disturbing… Almost kingdom death-like, but yet very recognizable as Khorne. Technique wise It involved a ton of thin layers of different reds to get his skin tone to where I liked it, and I may Matte Varnish him at some point to dull down a few spots. All in all I think it came out the way I wanted. Really enjoying painting the bronze on these models, and I think I’m getting better at it, but still have some opportunities. As for the base I’m really enjoying using the darker flock and baking soda dirt. I think it gives a really nice look. And I’m content with my decision to paint the sides of the base black, I really like the almost outline like feature it gives to the whole model.

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