Another 40K saturday

So the group finally got together last night for a couple good games. When we actually got to start playing (after Pelkey put all his stuff together…) we did a 2 on 2 game of Chaos(me) and Tau(pelkey) vs. dark angels(ken) and Necrons(dave). 2000 points. We did a regular kill point mission. We each had 14 kill points per side so it was even. We ended up cutting the game short as it was quite obvious that Pelkey and I had it in the bag, and instead of continuing we just figured we would start the next game. The next game was Ken and I vs. Dave, as Pelkey had to leave. Grey Knights(me) and Dark angels vs. Necrons and Tyranids. 3000 points. This game was also cut short due to the fact that Ken and I were basically annihilating Dave, We had a Lucky first turn, and dave had a very unlucky first turn… So we took it as a win… We did make it through about 5 turns… so it was basically over… We had him by at least 5 or 6 kill points…

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment…


Necrons and Chaos Face off

And how true that was. So last Saturday I played a great game with my cousin Dave. He brought his Necrons, and I played my Death Guard.  It was a small game, only 1000 points. Kill point mission.

I learned one important thing in this game, and that was those buggers keep getting back up! Dave had a 15 man warrior squad that had, over the course of 2 turns reanimate 14 warriors! I basically had to kill that squad twice! If I have any advice when it comes to facing Necrons, it’s “Make sure you have enough punch to take out the whole unit, or half of them are probably going to get back up”.

All in all it was pretty even all the way through the game. My memory is a little fuzzy I believe it went to turn 6, but I’m not sure. It did end in a draw though. The highlight for me was that my Daemon Prince finally got his revenge on Dave. He has taunted my poor Daemon Prince for years now. And he has finally got his revenge for being disgraced by Daves pathetic tau commander… yes Dave, I said pathetic! And now papa Nurgle laughs at the demise of your Necron overlord!  A bit much??? Anyway, It was just nice not to lose. And I look forward to facing Daves Necrons again soon. Heres Some shots from the game. I was going to do a video battle report, but who has the time for that??? So you get pictures.
















40K Saturday Shenanigans!

The Setting:

Planet: Prygon IV

Description: Complete Tyranid Infestation

Mission: Capture And Control

Early Morning on Prygon IV, The Eldar of Craftworld Var-Thu, besiege an old Imperial Outpost that holds an ancient Eldar artifact that could switch the tides of war in the Eldar’s favor. The Planet is completely infested By the Tyranids of an unknown Hive Fleet. The Eldar must Capture the sacred artifact and call in their reinforcements and cleanse the area of the vile Tyranids! What The Eldar don’t know, and their seers failed to predict, was there is an unknown enemy that seeks to disrupt this most precious of missions!

So, Another 40K Saturday come and gone. And we had a very interesting game.

Me (Eldar) 2000 pts

Ken (Dark Eldar) 800 pts

Dave (Tyranids) 1200 pts

Special rules: Tyranids Get +2 to their run move.

Game Length: 5 turns (4-5-6) game goes on

Objectives: 2(1 point), 1 (2points), Must have 2 points, at the end of turn 5

The rules were: The Tyranids (Dave) set up in the center of the board, 12″ away from the long table edge and 18″ away from the short table edge. The Eldar (Me) set up randomly, on each of the table corners. A roll of  “1” Dave’s choice, “2-3-4-5”, is the four different table quarters, and 6 was my choice. The Dark Eldar will come on turn 2 at the atart of the turn. They will come in from the center of the board. On a roll of “1” my choice, “2-3” left side, “4-5” right side, “6” Kens Choice.

So as you can see not a normal mission by any means. This Game was great fun. There were epic standoffs, units utterly massacred, and an Eldrad who ran off the board.  There’s just some units who should be fearless…

When the Phoenix came on in turn 2 I really thought I was going to win, The first turn it was out it killed the Trygon, and the second it wiped Kens Warriors. Kens Dark Eldar Did exactly what they were supposed to do, and that was disrupt my plans. He assaulted critical units and gave Dave the chance to counter attack.

On the Fifth turn I was able to fly my wave serpent with the scorpions in it flat out to the 2 point objective, but because Dave rolled a 5 to have the game go one more turn, his Tyrant and Termigants and Carnifex, annihilated the serpent and the scorpions inside it!

So ultimately, with the loss of every last infantry unit in my army, there was no way to capture the critical objective.

I lost, But It was a fun and very close game.

And along with me losing, here is another common occurance at out 40K games… Ken giving me the finger…